Departmental ISO Procedures Flowcharts

Kenya Civil Aviation Authority has established, implemented, maintains and continually improves its quality management system, including the processes needed and their interactions, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. The processes identified for the quality management system and their application throughout the organization have been documented in a manner that determines the sequence and interaction of these processes. These processes are summarized in the flow charts accessible via the links below.

  1. Procurement of Goods Services and Works
  2. Recruitment and selection Flowchart
  3. Terrain and Obstacle Data
  4. NOTAM/SNOWTAM Processes
  5. Legal Advise
  6. Instrument and Visual Flight Procedure Design
  7. Imprest Management
  8. Flight Plan
  9. ATS Occurence Investigation
  10. ATS Procedure
  11. Corporate Advertisement
  12. Corporate Planning
  13. Corporate Publications
  14. Corporate Scheduled Events
  15. Corporate Scheduled Information Dissemination
  16. Corporate Sponsorship
  17. CSI
  18. CSR
  19. SAR Mission Coordination
  20. Aircraft Interchange Agreement Approvals Request
  21. Aircraft Lease Agreement Approvals Request
  22. Aircraft Sub Charter Operations
  23. Airline Code Share Request and Approvals
  24. Airline Financial Data Collection and Analysis
  25. Airline Franchise Approvals
  26. Airline Operational Data Collection and Analysis
  27. Airline Schedule Approval
  28. Ammendment of TGMs and Regulations
  29. AOC Certification Phase
  30. AOC Check Pilot Approval Designated Cabin Crew or Instructor and CheckPilot Issuance And Renewal
  31. AOC General requests and letter of no objection
  32. AOC Pre-Application Phase 1
  33. AOC Formal Application Phase 2
  34. AOC Document Evaluation Phase 3
  35. AOC Demonstration and Inspection-Phase 4
  36. AOC Surveillance
  37. Application and Issuance for Air Service Licence
  38. Application for temporary Air Service Licence
  39. ASSR Library and Archives
  40. AVSEC Operator Certification - Formal Application
  41. AVSEC Operator Certification - Certification Phase
  42. AVSEC Operator Certification - Demonstration and Inspection
  43. AVSEC Operator Certification - Documents Evaluation
  44. Civil Aviation Inspector Training and Qualification
  45. Establishment and Monitoring of State Safety Performance Measurement
  46. AVSEC Personnel Certification Procedure
  47. Aviation Security Enforcement Procedure
  48. Management of AVSEC State Letters
  49. Foreign Airlines Operating Authorizations
  50. Issuance of Exemptions
  51. Issuance of Flight Crew Licence
  52. Liaison and coordination with international agencies
  53. Resolution of Safety Issues
  54. Short Term Adhoc Permits Application Approvals
  55. Surveillance obligation Air Transport
  56. Surveillance of Aviaiton Safety
  57. Surveillance of ANSP
  58. Certification of ANSP
  59. Voluntary Reporting of Safety Incidences