The aerodromes safety standards department is responsible for the oversight of the construction, maintenance, certification and licensing and Registration and operation of aerodromes. Additionally, it is involved with the approval for the for the construction of masts and structures The provisions that guide the provision of these services are contained in the: -

  1. Civil Aviation (Certification, Licensing and Registration of Aerodromes) Regulations, 2018;
  2. Civil Aviation (Aerodromes) Regulations 2013;
  3. The Civil Aviation Act No, 21/2013;

Based on the existing requirements the department is charged with the provision of the following services:

  1. Certification of Aerodromes
  2. Licensing of Aerodromes
  3. Registration and Operation of Category E Aerodromes
  4. Grant of approvals for the construction of masts and structures
  5. Approval of aerodrome manuals