Validation of Foreign Flight Crew Licenses

A person who holds a current and valid pilot license issued by another Contracting State in accordance with International Civil Aviation Organization Annex 1 may apply for a validation of such license for use on an aircraft registered in Kenya

This validation certificate allows a pilot to fly for remuneration for short term commercial activities, using their foreign license.

Who needs to apply?

The Authority may grant a certificate of validation with PPL, PPL/IR, CPL, CPL/IR, ATPL or Flight Engineer privileges to an individual, based on a foreign license of an ICAO Contracting State. A certificate of validation is a means of recognizing a foreign license and giving authority to the holder to use the foreign license to fly Kenyan registered aircraft, for the following purposes

  1. PPL, CPL, ATPL and Flight Engineer privileges;
  2. To qualify other pilots on a new type of aircraft introduced in the country’s register; and
  3. For short term commercial activities such as:
    1. Demonstration flights
    2. Ferry flights
    3. Test flights

You must hold:

  1. A current and valid foreign license (including a radio license) and medical certificate.
  2. Any class or type ratings you intend to fly with this validation must also be current and valid.
  3. Proof of the English language proficiency
  4. Results of a passed validation exam
  5. The required flying experience as substantiated by the flying logbook

AIC on KCAA charges 

Validity period

The Authority may issue a validation certificate which shall be valid for one year, provided the foreign license, ratings and the medical certificate remain valid.

What else do I need to know?
  1. Any limitations on the foreign license will apply on the Validation certificate as appropriate;
  2. Please read Order on Validation and conversion of foreign licenses for more information.
What do I need to include with my application?
  1. Validation certificate application form 
  2. Summary Form
  3. Copy of the foreign license and medical certificate
  4. Logbook and copies of its last two pages for the licensing file.
  5. ID (certified copy of passport)
  6. Letter of verification from the issuing authority of the pilot’s license (PEL will contact the issuing authority to get this)
  7. Logbook evidence, which must be sent either as: original logbooks (preferred), and copies of your logbook pages.
  8. Validation exam results' slip.
How to apply

Visit the PEL office to an eligibility check, before being allowed to book and sit the validation exam.