Adhoc Permits

All flights into, from or over the territory of the Republic of Kenya shall be carried out in accordance with valid Regulations of Kenya regarding Civil Aviation. Aircraft flying into or departing from the Republic of Kenya shall make their first landing at or final departure from, an International Aerodrome/Heliport or any other Aerodrome notified for entry and exit (see AIP Kenya GEN Section 1.2).

In applying for the Permit, you may be required to provide, in PDF format, valid copies of some or all of the following documents, depending on the category of the flight:

  • Pilot's Licence - Mandatory
  • Certificate of Airworthiness - Mandatory
  • Certificate of Insurance - Mandatory
  • Air Operator’s Certificate - Mandatory for Commercial Operations
  • Certificate of Registration - Mandatory
  • Certificate of Release to Service - Mandatory
  • Passenger Manifest - Mandatory if there are Passengers
  • Airway Bill/Cargo Manifest - Mandatory when Carrying Cargo
  • Dangerous Goods Transport Documents - Mandatory for Dangerous Goods
  • Approval to Transport Dangerous Goods from the appropriate Authority - Mandatory for Dangerous Goods

You will be required to create a login to AATIS system and capture your application. The Kenya Civil Aviation Authority will promptly process your application and a notification will be given to you online as soon as possible.