Student Pilot License

The first step in gaining any Pilots License is the Student Pilot License. This license is majorly used for training purposes. This license can also be used to gain the required hours to be qualify a pilot to renew their license in case their other license e.g. PPL, CPL or ATPL has expired.

Requirements for application of an SPL

To be eligible for issue of Student Pilot License, an applicant shall;

  1. Be at least sixteen years of age;
  2. Able to demonstrate the ability to read, speak, write, and understand the English language;
  3. Be in possession of a valid Class 2 Medical Certificate.

Application Requirements

  1. Fully Completed SPL application form (Form M-PEL001) ;
  2. Submit two passport size photographs - full face (size: 2cm by 2.5cm);
  3. Present a photo Identification Card or Passport, or Birth Certificate and a photocopy of the same to be left at the PEL office.
  4. Payment of the prescribed fees (Kshs. 1,000)

Renewal of Student Pilot’s License requirements

Upon expiration of a Student Pilot license, the applicant may apply for renewal.

  1. Completed application form for Issue, re-issue and renewal of the SPL (Form M-PEL001)
  2. The original Student Pilot License on which the renewal is appended. If it is full, issue a second Student Pilot License following the same procedure as for initial issue.
  3. A valid Class 2 medical certificate;
  4. Paid the prescribed fees for the License (Kshs. 1,000)