Engineering Services

Engineering Services Department is responsible for management of air navigation infrastructure that enables provision of air traffic services in Kenya’s airspace. In undertaking this responsibility the department ensures that the infrastructure so deployed is available, safe, secure, reliable and efficient round the clock.

Air navigation infrastructure comprise Communication, Navigation, Surveillance & Ancillary Equipment and Systems. Communication equipment and systems provide for exchange of information (voice, data, or both) among all stakeholders in an air navigation ecosystem e.g. between pilots and air traffic control officers, air traffic control sectors, adjacent flight information regions etc. Navigation equipment and systems guide aircrafts on correct paths (laterally, vertically, bearing) while en-route or while landing at airports.  On the other hand, surveillance equipment and systems enhance control operations by providing additional information on aircrafts to an air traffic control officer thereby reducing workload and increasing efficiency and safety of air navigation service provision. For these equipment and systems to operate, ancillary equipment of power supply units such as MAINS, standby electrical power generating sets, voltage stabilizers, un-interruptible power supply systems (UPS) and air handling equipment must be available.

Functions of Engineering Services Department

The core mandate of the department is planning, designing, developing, implementing and maintaining suitable Communication, Navigation, Surveillance/Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) Systems in accordance with ICAO’s Global Air Navigation Plan, AFI’s Regional Air Navigation Plan and National Kenya Civil Aviation Regulations. The department fulfills its core mandate through the following specific functions.

  • Engineering services policy and strategy formulation, implementation and review;

  • Preparation and implementation of capital and recurrent expenditure budgets for engineering services and attendant procurement plans;

  • Planning, designing, developing, operating and maintaining Air Navigation Equipment and Systems in accordance with global, regional and national plans, standards and practices;

  • Application and enforcement of technical standards and recommended practices as per ICAO Annex 10 and other Kenyan standards;

  • Representation and participation in the activities, for instance, technical studies, of relevant specialized international agencies (UN Organizations) such as ICAO Planning groups (e.g. APIRG), ICAO technical panels and ITU;

  • Management of human resource within the department;

  • Research and Development on new aviation technologies and systems;

  • Aviation frequency spectrum management;

  • Radio telephony call signs assignment;

  • Provision of Aeronautical fixed and Mobile services and compilation and distribution of Aeronautical data/statistics;

As an interim measure, the department also oversees implementation of Authority’s new buildings construction works as well as repair and maintenance of existing structures.