Category E Aerodromes

An application for registration of a Category E aerodrome shall be submitted in writing to the Authority and accompanied by:-

  1. The self-reporting form 
  2. The fees or charges as may be prescribed by the Authority; and
  3. In the case of existing aerodromes, the written permission from the owner of the land or evidence of ownership of the proprietary interest in the land on which the aerodrome is located.

The Authority shall, prior to registration of a Category E aerodrome, assess the facilities of the aerodrome to verify the information provided in the self-reporting form.

The Authority will issue a registration approval in the form prescribed by the Authority where the applicant has :-

  1. Satisfied the requirements of these Regulations, and the self-reporting form.
  2. Complied with any applicable security Regulations; and complied with any other requirements specified by the Authority.