Certification of Aerodromes

A person shall not operate an aerodrome in Kenya unless the aerodrome is licensed, certified or Registered in accordance with the published regulations. All aerodromes in the country shall be categorized as follows: -

  1. Category A comprising aerodromes available for use by both international and domestic air traffic;
  2. Category B comprising aerodromes available for use only by domestic air traffic;
  3. Category C comprising aerodromes available for use only by domestic air traffic of maximum certificated take-off mass not exceeding thirty thousand kilogrammes;
  4. Category D comprising aerodromes available for use only by domestic helicopters operations; and
  5. Category E comprising aerodromes available for use only by domestic air traffic of maximum certificated take-off mass not exceeding five thousand seven hundred kilogrammes
Application for an Aerodrome Certification
  1. An application for an aerodrome certificate shall be submitted to the Authority by completing the aerodrome certification application form that shall be accompanied with a cover letter addressed to the Director General. The applicant shall submit the via the following means:-
    1. Email: info@kcaa.or.ke with a copy to gops@kcaa.or.ke
    2. By postal office:
          The Director General,
          Kenya Civil Aviation Authority,
          P. O. Box 30163 – 00100,
  2. The form and cover letter shall be accompanied by:—
    1. two copies of the aerodrome manual, which shall include :—
      1. An aerodrome operations manual;
      2. SMS Manual;
      3. Bird and wildlife hazard management manual;
      4. Aerodrome emergency plan;
    2. A plan of the aerodrome;
    3. An environmental impact assessment report for initial applicants or an environmental audit report;
    4. Approval from any relevant applicable authority;
    5. Proof of financial capability;
    6. Particulars of any non-compliance or deviations from the appropriate aerodrome design, operations or equipment standards;
    7. Charges as prescribed by the Authority in the Aeronautical Information Circular; and
    8. Detailed biographical data of the key aerodrome management personnel.

Once the department receives the application the same will be reviewed for completeness, correctness, accuracy and compliance with regulatory requirements. In the process of review, verification and evaluation of the data/information submitted the department may be forced to visit the site of the aerodrome as part of the certification process. The processing of the application shall be dependent on the applicant paying the applicable fee as required by the Authority. The fee schedule shall be contained in the relevant aeronautical Circular. The Authority shall issue a certificate in the prescribed form and manner when satisfied that: -

  1. The applicant and the personnel of the applicant are adequate in number and have the necessary competency and experience to operate and maintain an aerodrome;
  2. The aerodrome manual prepared for the aerodrome and submitted with the application contains all the relevant information;
  3. The aerodrome facilities, services and equipment are established in accordance with approved standards;
  4. The aerodrome operating procedures make satisfactory provision for the safety of aircraft;
  5. An approved safety management system is in place
  6. The applicant has an approved aviation security program in accordance with the applicable security Regulations.

The Aerodrome Certificate issued by the Authority shall be valid for 2 years and once expired the operator shall be required to apply for renewal.

Renewal of an Aerodrome Certificate
  1. An application for the renewal of a certificate shall be made to the Authority in the prescribed aerodrome certification application form and shall be accompanied by :—
    1. The aerodrome manual if significant changes have been made following the initial certification;
    2. Particulars of deviations, if any, from the appropriate design, operation or equipment standards; and
    3. The appropriate charges as prescribed by the Authority in the Aeronautical Information Circular.
  2. An application for renewal shall be submitted ninety days before the expiry of the certificate.
  3. The renewal of a certificate shall be subject to compliance with the published regulations, standards prescribed by the Authority and any other conditions as may be specified or notified by the Authority as determined by safety inspections and audit