Aircraft Lease Approvals

Any person looking to apply for operation of an aircraft under lease agreement should submit a well-executed lease agreement to the Authority. Applications should meet the following minimum conditions/requirements as applicable:

  1. Lessee name and address
  2. Lessor name and address
  3. Aircraft registration, type and serial number.
  4. Duration of lease
  5. Attached documents:
    • C of R
    • C of A
    • Insurance
    • Letter authorizing sub-Lease/power of attorney or Lease termination as applicable.

Aircraft Lease Approval Application submission
An application to operate an aircraft under lease agreement will require a minimum of 14 days to process. KCAA will initiate the evaluation process of an application upon receipt of complete submission application together with the prescribed fees.

The application package should be submitted to the Authority;
Jomo Kenyatta International Airport,
Aviation House, Tower B, 2nd floor.
You are also requested to submit your application through our online system AATIS, which is on test.