Certificate of Registration ( CofR )

A person shall not operate an aircraft, as classified in the First Schedule to the Civil Aviation (Aircraft Nationality And Registration Marks) Regulations, within or fly over Kenya unless—

  1. For an aircraft eligible for registration under the laws of Kenya, the aircraft has been registered by the operator or its owner in accordance with these Regulations and the Authority has issued a certificate of registration for that aircraft which shall be carried aboard that aircraft for all operations; or
  2. It is registered in—
    1. A contracting State to the Convention on International Civil Aviation; or
    2. Some other State in relation to which there is in force an agreement between the Government of Kenya and the Government of that State which makes provisions for the flight over Kenya of aircraft registered in that State

To apply for a C of R, please complete form Form AC-AWS001C and submit to the Authority Registry Office, Tower A Ground Floor.

Note: The applicable fees are prescribed in Section 5 the Charges for Air Navigation Services and Regulatory Fees

You can contact us via email at airworthinessstaff@kcaa.or.ke

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