Departmental ISO Procedures Flowcharts

Kenya Civil Aviation Authority has established, implemented, maintains and continually improves its quality management system, including the processes needed and their interactions, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. The processes identified for the quality management system and their application throughout the organization have been documented in a manner that determines the sequence and interaction of these processes. These processes are summarized in the flow charts accessible via the links below.

  1. Procurement of Goods Services and Works
  2. Recruitment and selection Flowchart
  3. Terrain and Obstacle Data
  4. NOTAM/SNOWTAM Processes
  5. Legal Advise
  6. Instrument and Visual Flight Procedure Design
  7. Imprest Management
  8. Flight Plan
  9. ATS Occurence Investigation
  10. ATS Procedure
  11. Corporate Advertisement
  12. Corporate Planning
  13. Corporate Publications
  14. Corporate Scheduled Events
  15. Corporate Scheduled Information Dissemination
  16. Corporate Sponsorship
  17. CSI
  18. CSR
  19. Quality Management Systems
  20. SAR Mission Coordination