Communications & Information Technology

The ICT department is responsible for all communications and information technology systems. The department  is responsible for the development of a information and communication network, including website, intranet and web mail and also provides routine maintenance of the network infrastructure.

The department develops, deploys and support quality innovative ICT solutions and services that meet the changing operations, research and management needs of the authority.

Functions/ Objectives

  • Committed to the initiatives set forth in the Vision 2030 Strategic Plan, and will fulfill the plan's goals within the framework of the ever-changing discipline of information technology.
  • Establish processes to evaluate and implement new technologies.
  • Enhance collaboration via the sharing of authority information and resources
  • Assist its clients in setting realistic expectations for technology, and support those individuals in the management of those expectations internal support structure
  • Prioritize and commit to providing a high-level internal support structure.
  • Provide opportunities to achieve a minimum level of competency in technology among authority staff
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