Complaints Managements

At KCAA, complaints management is managed by the Consumer Protection section of KCAA. The role of the section is to: -

  • Conduct internal reviews of complaints management mechanism in both process and content;
  • Identify systemic issues arising from complaints and provide appropriate recommendations to management for action
  • Publicize the complaint system to encourage stakeholders to voice their dissatisfaction to a service within KCAA’s mandate.
  • Establish mechanisms for management of complaints.

Responsibilities of the Complainants

  • Provide a clear and honest account of their concerns and their expectations for the outcome of their complaint, including providing all relevant information and documents to assist in the investigation and/or resolution of the matter;
  • Engage openly in the complaint management process,
  • Respond to KCAA requests for information in a timely manner;
  • Comply with the complaint management process

For any consumer related issues and complaints, send an email to