Airworthiness Advisory Circulars
Title Effective Date Download
CAA-AC-AWS008A - Short/Long Term Maintenance Escalation Approval Procedures 01-07-2018 Download
CAA-AC-AWS007D - Certification of a Foreign Apppoved Maintenance Organisation (AMO) 01-07-2018 Download
CAA-AC-AWS006D - Certification of Domestic Approved Maintenance Organization 01-07-2018 Download
CAA-AC-AWS003D - Certificate of Airworthiness – Renewal 01-07-2018 Download
CAA-AC-AWS002E - Issue of Certificate Of Airworthiness 01-07-2018 Download
CAA-AC-AWS001D Acceptance of Aircraft for Registration, Re-registration and Change of Registration Marks.pdf 01-07-2018 Download
Issue of Certificate of Airworthiness Download