Air Traffic Management Services

This department is responsible for the management and operation of Air traffic services and Search and Rescue within the Nairobi Flight Information Region (FIR).
This includes:

  • En-route Control? these are offered at JKIA by Area Control Centre for over flights, landing and departing aircrafts. These services enable aircrafts to navigate through the airspace and are backed by ground equipment situated all over the country;
  • Approach Control these are offered in all the airports manned by KCAA except Lokichoggio and Wajir;
  • Aerodrome Control these are offered in all the eight major airports. These services allow aircrafts to come and leave the aerodromes. These are backed by the instrument landing systems that enable aircrafts to land and take off safely;
  • Air Traffic Flow Management (AFTM) the objective of this service is to ensure optimum flow of Air Traffic to or through areas during times when demand exceeds, or is expected to exceed, available capacity of the Air Traffic Control System;
  • Search and Rescue- this involves the coordination and direction of search and rescue services with all partner agencies for aircrafts in distress.
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