Increasing Online Sales For Kenyan Airline Tickets

With the diffusion of e-commerce platforms and websites, more users are getting closer to online shopping. Now, it’s a fact that most people begin with typical shopping for buying a birthday gift or just the latest new clothing item and then they end up to buy biggest things, like motorcycles or important services like vacations and airplane tickets.

More Customers Choose Kenyan Civil Airlines And Buy Online Tickets

The Kenyan civil air transportation has recently been put center stage because of the latest big investments made by the Chinese government, which is becoming the second most relevant investor – and maybe also owner in the future? – of the local air transportation company. But the great news about the Kenyan air transportation seem to never stop making breaking news on most relevant newspapers and magazines: in fact, this African national civil air company is now the most targeted by customers who decide to buy airlines tickets online.

That’s the news into the news: not only the Kenyan civil air company is gaining more customers, but the plane ticket sales show to skyrocket when it comes to online customers

Facts To Know For Online Customersonline safety

The increasing number of customers who decide to buy online airline tickets speak itself about the growing access to the net for more people in the world. However, the experienced team of a worldwide leading company in the sector of IT security and online payments, which is PT Unified Trade, warn online consumers about specific facts:

  • Payment providers are not all the same. When you need to issue an online payment, make sure you are using a worldwide verified and regulated payment provider and a valid method of payment. It would be also worth to say that worldwide credit or debit cards and bank accounts are normally accepted by all websites.
  • Check out financial information provided by the website where you are going to buy your airline ticket. Make sure the website offers safe and protected transactions of money.
  • Passwords should be periodically changed. The experts of PT Unified Trade suggest online users to change their access information to their own accounts as a preventive action.

Important Facts For Websites Administratorsonline payment

On the other hand, if you are owner or administrator to an online platform where you sell services/goods, you have also to pay attention to certain aspects about online payments. Visit also this web page about PT Unified Trade company to learn more:

  •  Websites should offer always safe and smooth payment systems. You can improve the safety level of your payment system by requesting detailed information on the IT Security products processed at PT Unified Trade: cutting edge and innovative solutions that are flexible and adjustable on the basis of your business.
  • Risk management is part of the business when dealing with online payments. PT Unified Trade help client companies implement vetting systems internally, for more edifying and safer relationships with their own clientele.
  • PT Unified Trade provides client companies with leading edge IT security systems, personalized security programs, security systems against money laundering and frauds of all types. The team of PT Unified Trade hires third parties professionals for testing the newest security systems and ensure there are no vulnerable points of entry for eventual hackers.
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